POM Closed for Christmas

Plateau Outreach Ministries is thankful to be able to serve families within our community throughout the year. We provide a special holiday food bank the week prior to holidays to enable families to prepare in advance. We are tremendously grateful for all the donations and volunteers that make these giving events possible. They truly make the holidays special for families that may go without.
We are also extremely thankful for the numerous hours committed by staff and volunteers during the holiday season, which go far beyond our usual service.  In addition to extending our heartfelt thanks, we also like to give our staff and volunteers a chance to rest and rejuvenate.
Because families are given double amounts of food the week before and also receive food and gifts from many other agencies, we have found that historically few families have actually accessed the food bank during the holidays.  Emergency food sacks are available through the thrift store even when the food bank is closed.  Typically utility shut offs and rental needs have all been addressed by the end of the month as well.
We wish all the families we serve, our volunteers, our donors and our staff a blessed holiday!