"I Dress in Layers, So I'm Fine"

Martha (not her real name) came into Plateau Outreach to get help filling out the energy assistance forms for this winter.  She was thinking ahead to the colder months and knew to take advantage of the program offered through Puget Sound Energy.  She lives alone in her home and as we talked through how she was doing, she said, "I dress in layers, so I'm doing fine right now."  As she was leaving, I took her hand and thanked her for coming in for help. Her hands were freezing!  This was only October!  She hadn't turned her heat on since last spring. The assistance program she was signing up for doesn't start until December.

Charlie (not his real name) came into Plateau Outreach yesterday to get help having his power turned back on.  "I'm fine at night when I'm in bed. I pull the covers way up.  During the day, I have to leave and go some place warm." He had been employed in a good, well-paying job until the economy turned.  He has been looking for work unsuccessfully and his unemployment benefits have run out. We helped him connect with the power company to get an emergency re-connect.  He will come back to see our case managers for a long term solution.

At Plateau Outreach Ministries we see many people come through our doors--volunteers, friends of POM, donors, service groups and our neighbors in need.  Some of our neighbors needing help are easy to spot.  Some are homeless, needing clean clothing. Some are desperately hungry and turn straight to the food bank. I immediately assumed both Martha and Charlie were volunteers or donors coming in to help us. I learned quickly that people needing help look just like you and I.

With the support of our donors, Plateau Outreach Ministries is able to provide emergency assistance to our neighbors and help them stay warm.