Capital Campaign

POM closes capital campaign with functional facility and grateful hearts
Updated August 2015
After the building was selected, the capital campaign was launched with six clear goals that transformed the building and POM services. The original capital campaign goal was $850,000. The final costs came in at $837,431.
• Purchase building, make structural and safety improvements and increase the thrift store size. Completed 2010
• Make exterior and foundation repairs, install energy efficient windows and doors, replace awnings for signage and visibility. Completed 2011
• Remodel food bank and Samaritan office space; add shower, washer and dryer. Completed 2012
• Purchase furniture and technology. Completed 2014
• Pay off the outstanding mortgage. Balloon payment reduced to zero in 2014 – early pay off – 2019
• Establish a building maintenance fund. Completed 2014

Capital Campaign Original Goal
Updated January 2012
The last 18 months have been eventful ones for Plateau Outreach Ministries and our campaign to raise funds to remodel and payoff the mortgage on our new home. 

Some of the major projects completed during that time are:
• Installed basic safety features including updated electrical and fire alarm system
• Repaired basic structural issues
• Fixed the roof and installed awnings that  provide waiting clients shelter from the rain
• Completed renovations in the thrift store, More Pennies from Heaven, increasing retail space by 50%
• Made exterior improvements to protect the building’s integrity including new windows and doors
• Installed a roll-up door in alley to facilitate food bank deliveries

The heartfelt appreciation of POM and its clients goes out to everyone who has contributed to make these accomplishments possible.  We have managed to complete Phases 1 and 2 because of generous donations including in-kind donations and hours of volunteer labor!  All totaled we have raised 34% of our goal! 

Living in the building and closely examining our ministry’s needs have also led us to fine tune our fundraising goals and budget. 
The following is our current capital campaign goal as of January 2012:

Renovation, Purchase and Maintenance:
Campaign Start Up - Materials, Staff, Infrastructure
Phase 1 – Structural, Safety, Thrift Store (move in ready)
Phase 2* – Exterior, Foundation, Windows, Doors, Awnings
Phase 3 – Food Bank, Offices, Shower, Washer & Dryer
Phase 4 – Furniture and Technology
Phase 5 – Outstanding Mortgage (as of 1-31-12)
Phase 6 – Building Maintenance Fund
 $   56,000
 $   55,000
 $   40,000
 $ 180,000
 $   20,000
 $ 340,000
 $ 150,000
Goal: 2014/2015
Revised / Completed
Campaign costs  –Materials, Supplies, Printing, Postage $      9,000 Ongoing
 *Grant from The Employee Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound